Becky Valls
Becky Valls

Dance of the Insects

Dance of the Insects

A Becky Valls and Company production

Performed by Joani Trevino and Toni Valle

Grades PK-3


The study of entomology is now twice the fun when Dance of the Insects becomes a duet! Dancers Toni Valle and Mallory Horn convey the characteristics of insects through Ms. Valls' striking choreography, music, and poetry. Accompanied by the clever poetry of Paul Fleischman, these professional dancers demonstrate through movement a caterpillar's metamorphosis and the social behavior of bees. Other dances include the Busy Ant, Firefly, Phantom the Flying Cockroach, and Two Too Many Ladybugs. Insect body parts become a springboard for student participation through creative movement and discussion of choreographic elements. This program will help students see insects in a new and captivating way.


Single performance: $430

Back-to-back performance: $690

Audience Limit: 300

Program Length: 1 hour


Becky received tenure at University of Houston and is now an Associate Professor. 

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