Becky Valls
Becky Valls

For the Birds

For the Birds

A Becky Valls and Company production

Performed by Toni Valle

Grades PK-3


In this world of feathers, students will learn about the common characteristics of birds. Some have huge wingspans, others have webbed feet, and some birds don't even fly!  Prior to dancing, company member Toni Valle shows students the hand and body movements to be used in a dance. The "Dance of the Swan" delights the students while illustrating how to use body movements and props to present a thought. The use of music and poetry that match a bird's characteristics helps students understand the dance.  Throughout the program, students participate in delightful dances such as the "Chicken" and the "Penguin" dances.  All will enjoy the poetry, music, creative movement, and choreography based on images of birds.


Single performance: $ 270

Back-to-back performance: $ 460

Audience Limit: 150

Program Length: 45 min


Becky received tenure at University of Houston and is now an Associate Professor. 

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